Camp Oselia: God’s Playground

Summer Camps

Camp Oselia runs 5 exciting Camps for people of all ages. Make friends, play outside and learn about God.

Retreats & Events

We run programs for all ages year round to develop leadership, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

School Programs

We offer dynamic, affordable, single and multi day programs designed with and for Catholic schools.

Camp Rentals

Your event will be spectacular and easy. Beautiful nature, modern dorm and mess hall and a great team behind you.

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Welcome to Camp Oselia

Our camp is here to give glory to God in His beautiful nature. Our mission is to help all kids, of all ages (even grown-ups!), to grow in mind, body, and spirit. We welcome you to enjoy this magnificent facility and beautiful environment that we have been blessed with.

Part of your community.

Camp Oselia is operated by the Camp Oselia Society, and is part of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton. Ukrainian Catholics are part of the larger Catholic Church, and we are proud to share our faith, traditions, and spirituality with everyone. You do not need to be Catholic, nor do you need to be Ukrainian to be part of our Camp.

Closer than you think.

Just a short 45 minute drive west of Edmonton, we're a quicker trip than your average grocery outing.

Kids are a priority for us... grown ups too.

Obviously camps are focused on the development of children and youth, and our camp is no different. We run crazy and over-the-top programs not only to entertain our young ones, but to teach them, challenge them, and help them move forward.

Having said this, Camp Oselia is also very committed to your whole family.  We run programs for all ages throughout the year including our Family Camp, Spiritual Retreats, Workshops and more.  Healthy families mean healthy kids.

Safety first!

Camp is meant to be fun and adventuresome, but also to let parents relax and know that their children are safe.  We take all sorts of precautions to ensure that our staff is trained, screened and prepared to deliver safe programs.  All volunteers are put through designed courses to make sure they are vigilant for any dangers, and many of them also receive training in First Aid.  We can't promise that your child won't need a bandaid... but we will do everything possible to safeguard them from all dangers.

Upcoming Events