We call our School Programs "C.O.R.E.", which means “Camp Oselia: Restoration Earth. "

The Original C.O.R.E. program is a retreat program developed for and with the Catholic School Board, aimed at the teachings around Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ message on “Care for Our Common Home.” Students learn valuable lessons on how to keep our environment thriving and to always be aware of their impact on their surroundings; all within a classic camp environment.

Since the time of the original, we have developed several other CORE programs to help expand your school's desires to teach the curriculum.  They all focus around our Catholic faith, but also explore areas such as science, art, team building and anti-bullying.

Another development that we have made is to change our time format.  Ideally we love to have kids over three days so that we can really get into our program.  But we also understand that this is not easy from the school's point of view, therefore we provide the possibility of single day as well as multiple day programs.

With fun and interactive activities and games, students will develop their leadership skills, work as part of a team, and become closer to God in His natural playground. 

Some testimonials:

The combination of the fun, science and faith based activities, the genuine and inspirational staff, the fantastic food and the beautiful grounds and facilities were all things most of our students have never experienced and would never have been able to... I would honestly say that for many of my students this may have been a life changing experience that they will not have again for a long time.
          - Krista Long, teacher


I have no words to explain because I had a blast. The food was amazing and the activities were really fun, but at the same time I was still learning.
          - Kalkedan, student

From cooking five star food to teaching my class the importance of nature and what pollution can do to it, I am very grateful that you guys did all of this just for us... I wish you guys would never forget us because we won't forget you.
          - Carl, student

The pudding was great it has the perfect amount of sweet.
          - Student