Summer Camp Counsellors

Apply today:  

  • you must be at least 15 years old to be a Jr. counsellor
  • those 17 and older are invited to apply as a Sr. counsellor
  • gain valuable experience that looks great on your resume
  • learn and become certified in St. John's Ambulance's FIRST AID
  • grow incredibly close with other counsellors
  • help shape the lives of kids in our communities
  • laugh at Fr. Bo's jokes... or else
  • act in silly skits, lead games and songs
  • get a great tan
  • be the leader you know you can be!

Contact the Youth Ministry Office at 780-424-5496 to find out more and to apply.

Due to Covid 19, this years camps are cancelled.  Thanks for your interest.


We already have an awesome start to our staffing... but we need... YOU.

Join our team of adults and mature teens as we put on the best camp in the world!  We need quality counsellors to guide and lead the children of our Elementary, Mixed and Jr. High Camps.  If accepted you will be the role models and leaders for boys and girls as they play and learn about themselves, each other and God.

You will need to be strong, creative, problem solving, motivated and joyful... even if there's a pesky mosquito in your dorm room!

Of course, you will naturally need to pass screening and and interview for the job.

As a part of our program, you will not only play and look out for the safety of the kids, but you will also help teach them the faith in a fun way.

Perhaps you should also practice eating jello without using your hands.

Apply today.