Family Camp

Is it time to unplug and bond???

(Yes, it is.)

Welcome to our first ever "Family Camp" where we all get to be ourselves together!  We are designing a fantastic program that includes fun and games as a whole family, but also age appropriate activities for everyone.  We will all travel through time as we explore Sacred Scripture from eternity past through to eternity future.  Scrumptious meals and plentiful snacks will be provided so that everyone is satisfied.  Fresh air will cleanse the spirit and inspire the child within us all.

Parents will have time to bond with other parents while the little ones will be off doing activities.  Teens will be exploring the bush, and toddlers will play in the sand.  It will be glorious!

You have the choice of staying in your own trailer, sleeping in our comfortable dorm rooms, or being adventurous in your own tent.  Register online, then we will call you and make the perfect arrangements for you.  5 days for $120 is a steal (and you can save more by registering early), and a great way to make your family a whole lot closer to each other (and to make new friends too).

Sunday, Tuesday, July 2 at 5pm - Saturday, July 6 at 1pm

For the whole family, Mom, Dad, Kids, uncles, aunts, babas didos, etc...


  • Babies in arms = $0
  • Little Kids = $120
  • Big Kids = $120
  • Older Adult "Kids" = $120
  • Senior Citizen "Kids" = $120

or save $20 each if you register before May 1