Left Behind

Running camps takes money, and the costs of running the program are why we have camp fees.  Sadly not all families can afford to pay the fees without help.  We understand, and we are here to help.

"Dream Maker Grants"

The Edmonton Catholic School Foundation provides "Dream Maker Grants" for students in the Edmonton Catholic School District who would like to come to camp but may be hindered by financial needs. To apply for this please contact your school's principle explaining your child's interest in Camp Oselia, and the monetary amount in which you will need the Dream Maker Grant to cover. Your principle will then forward the information to Marc Barylo, the Executive Director of the Edmonton Catholic School Foundation, who will evaluate the grant application. 

"No Child Left Behind"

If your child does not attend a school in the Edmonton Catholic School District, please contact the Eparchy of Edmonton at (780) 424-5496 and ask about the "No Child Left Behind" program. We will be happy to work with you, to the best of our ability, to ensure your child is able to attend camp and gain all of the experiences it has to offer.

Would you help by sponsoring a child?

If you are able to sponsor a child, or two, or three.... volunteer or donate some service or goods... please contact us at 780-424-5496.  Monetary donations are also welcome through the Eparchy of Edmonton at this link.