The fundraiser has finished for 2021, it will happen again in spring 2022.

Fill out the form below.  You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card once you reach the end of the form.

For information check out the video on the left, or the FAQ's below the video.

General "How does it work?"

On each day of the week, from July 27  to the 31 (Flamingo Week), we will randomly draw an entry from our draw barrel and go and put our wacky flock of flamingoes on somebody’s lawn for the day.

You can enter all of your Edmonton and area friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, even businesses into our draw barrel for only $2 each right here on this web-page.  That’s it.  We will send your nominated people an email letting them know that you have personally and lovingly “Flamingoed” them.  

The people whom you have “flamingoed", of course, will have the opportunity to retaliate by “flamingoing” you back…  and perhaps others might nominate you too… so we suggest you purchase a $20 “Anti-Pink-Flamingo” insurance policy to keep your front lawn fine and flamingo free.

All the proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards making Camp Oselia the greatest, most exciting, safest, and coolest camp in the world!



Where can I go to enter people into the draw barrel? 
And where can I get “Anto-Pink-Flamingo” Insurance?

right here on this web-page.  Look at the right column.


When can I flamingo my friends and family?

The sooner the better.  We will accept nominations and sell insurance policies up until the morning of July 31, 2020 .


What information will you need to collect?

To nominate someone, you will need to provide us with your name and email, as well as their name, email and lawn’s address.  

If you want insurance you will need to provide us with your name, email and your address.


How long will the flamingoes be on the “lucky” people’s lawns?

About 12 hours…  We will set them up in the morning and collect them in the evening.


Does the insurance cover more than one lawn?

Nope, it covers only the address that it was bought for.


What if I bought insurance and someone else puts flamingoes on my lawn anyway?

Well… we can only tell you that if you have a valid insurance policy protecting you from our flamingoes, that we will not put any flamingoes (or other lawn ornaments) on your lawn.  We however will not be able to prevent others from doing so.


What if the person I want to nominate doesn’t have a lawn?

If there is no lawn, we will bring a pot of dirt with some grass in it, and deposit just a few flamingoes near their door.  No problem.


Can I nominate someone from outside of Edmonton?

You can…. but we are only willing to drive within Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Stoney Plain, and Spruce Grove to plant our flock of flamingoes and pick them up again.  Further than that… they are likely safe from getting the flock on their lawn.


What if they get drawn but really don’t want flamingoes on their lawn.

If they don’t want to support us by purchasing “Anti-Pink-Flamingo Insurance” and they do not want the flock of birds on their lawn, and if they happen to get drawn, then… they can simply ask us to remove the birds from their lawn.  Our goal is to have fun and raise some funds for Camp, not to upset people.


Can I make a donation to the camp without putting anyone into the draw barrel, and without getting insurance?

Yes, we would be happy to accept donations through the Eparchy of Edmonton.  They will be able to provide you with a tax receipt if the donation is $20 or more.  You can click here to go to the donations page.


Can I get a tax receipt for getting insurance or nominating people?

Nope, this is technically not a donation, but a contest.  You can only get a tax receipt by making a direct donation through the Eparchy of Edmonton.  The Eparchy of Edmonton is the owner of the camp and is a registered charity so they will give the receipt.


Can I get more information about the Camp and/or register my kids for Camp Oselia?

Yes, and No.  We have loads of info, but due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we will not be having camps this summer.  But still we encourage you to check us out.  CampOselia.com